Sucker for a love story…

I really enjoyed this episode of “This is Love”. While it does focus primarily on the relationship of a couple who is blind, pay close attention to some of the content that is said.  At one point during the podcast the husband makes a comment that people think of him as some sort of saint for marrying a woman who is blind.  He does a wonderful job of normalizing the relationship.  It’s a lesson to never forget that all people are capable of love. Regardless of ability. 
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The Rolling Quads: Ed Roberts

One of the people who regularly inspires me to be more of an activist in my approach to making the world more accessible is Ed Roberts.  Termed “the father of the independent living movement”, Ed was instrumental in the first official city wide adoption of curb cuts in Berkley and a champion of the disability rights movement nationwide.  He was the founder of the Rolling Quads, a group of wheelchair riders in Berkley that sought to make their built environment more accessible.  His wheelchair can be seen on the Smithsonian website.  Today, many centers for independent living are derived from his model.  Thank you Ed Roberts for your life and your legacy.