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Biden’s Administration makes accessibility a priority.

It’s not something that makes top headlines, but the official White House website and some others have undergone a significant change to make them more accessible. This is an exciting and necessary change that reverses Trumps efforts to minimize and downplay the necessity of accessible experiences. The Biden Administration has brought accessibility into focus. This […]

Accessibility Activism

Juneteenth: Empowerment to the People!

What you need to know about Black People, Disability, and Accessibility. Angela Hooker is my manager at Microsoft. She is a wonderful black woman with a disability who contributes to the accessible culture and leadership at Microsoft. She has a unique and necessary voice during these times. I hope you will enjoy the video as […]

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The Rolling Quads: Ed Roberts

One of the people who regularly inspires me to be more of an activist in my approach to making the world more accessible is Ed Roberts.  Termed “the father of the independent living movement”, Ed was instrumental in the first official city wide adoption of curb cuts in Berkley and a champion of the disability […]